Synthetic Primer
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Product Data Sheet

Product Name:
EN 10300 Type 2

Product Description

Bituseal®Primer is a specially formulated solvent based steel primer providing excellent adhesion and designed to be completely compatible with Bituseal®Enamel.

Bituseal®Primer is available in 210 liter steel drums.

Bituseal®Primer is ready for use upon delivery (after stirring) and may be applied to clean and grit blasted steel pipes by spraying (or brushing). For normal thicknesses (dry film thickness 20-30μm, wet film thickness 100μm) the primer coverage rate is 10 m2 per liter. The wet film thickness may be regulated by ±20μm, which will result in a variation in dry film thickness of 5μm. At 25°C ambient temperatures and under normal ventilation the drying time varies from 5-12 minutes depending on pipe temperature. During application the pipe temperature should be between 10-50°C and at least 3°C above dew point.

Bituseal®Primer should be hermetically sealed and stored at temperatures between 5°C and maximum 30°C. Provided that the product is stored under these conditions it has a shelf life of one year.

Bituseal®Primer meets or exceeds all the requirements of EN 10300, type 2.
Quality Control
All raw materials for Bituseal®Primer are tested and approved in the laboratories of Varziran. Each batch is tested for compliance with the product specification and a quality certificate is provided with each delivery.

Technical Data
PropertiesUnitRequirementMethod of test
Flow Time (Cup 4 mm)Sec35 to 60EN ISO 2431
Flash Point (Closed Cup)°C23EN ISO 13736
Volatile Matter%75EN 10300, Annex H