Bituseal® Coating system

The Bituseal® Coating system which was jointly developed by Phoenix International A/S and Shell International petroleum Co.

is a polymer modified bitumen pipe coating system which combines the ease of hot applied coating processes with a high degree of corrosion protection and offers both reliability and affordability to clients.

In terms of its technical properties, Bituseal® matches and even outperforms 3-layer polyethylene coating.

Bituseal® has an excellent record in gas, water and offshore pipelines.

This system consists of:

Bituseal® Field Joint Membrane

Joints are the weakest link in any pipeline.

TheBituseal® Field Joint Membrane is specifically designed for fast, easy application on-site and to afford the same level of corrosion protection both in pipelines and joints.

Bituseal® Membrane is to cover pipeline joints or repairing damaged sections of coatings.

It can be supplied either in the form of rolls or patches. It is a unique form of cover from both technical and economical viewpoints and a superb substitute for heat shrinkable sleeve.

Apart from Bituseal® system it is also applicable on several other coatings like 3-layer polyethylene, bitumen enamel and coal tar with great consistency.